Organic Boho at Strandgade 95: a completely vegan spot with delicious burgers, salads, smoothies, bowls, and wraps. Boho Organic is very focused on whole foods and fresh ingredients.

Bip Bip Bar at Fælledvej 7: Not a restaurant per se. But they have an amazing selection of vegan drinks that would usually involve milk and I was so excited to see that. So just wanted to put that out there. Plus it’s a bar with drinks and retro arcade games, so I was hella down.

Eden Jaxx at Rosenvængets Allé 3: An all-vegan fast food burger place that served both beyond burgers as well as more whole-food mushroom/veggie style burgers, can absolutely recommend their green goddess dressing btw

Bistro Verde at Sankt Annæ Pl 22: a completely plant-based bistro which a wide range of options. Their menu changes often and includes both whole food dishes as well as substitutes. When I was there, I got their vegan salmon, as well as the juicy marble steak. Definitely worth a visit.

Cafe Kaf at Birkegade 21: A tiny cute little cafe that has a 100% vegan menu. They offer a wide selection of cakes and pastries, all of which are incredibly delicious. I can personally recommend their croissants and raspberry mouse cake.

Den Okologiske Polsemand at Kobmagergade (at Skindergade): A place I always seem to trust if I am looking for a quick lunch/snack. It’s a hotdog stand that offers a vegan hotdog and it’s really delicious and does the job.

Royal Garden Dronningens Tværgade 30: Serves dim sum, noodles, rolls various highlights from the Chinese cuisine. Not an all-vegan place though, I got their vegan dim sum, and a noodle dish, they were great with accommodating for vegan options though

Gaza Grill at Flæsketorvet 39, and Fælledvej 22 C: serves authentic Arabic food, primarily organic, and has many vegan options, including falafel, tabouli, baba ghanoush, hummus, baklava, and flatbread. Definitely a big recommendation from me, the dishes are all family recipes.

Gao Dumpling Bar at Blågårdsgade 3: Another favorite of mine, although it’s not a 100% vegan place. But they make some of the best spinach and mushroom dumpling I’ve had in Denmark. So props to them.

Bistro Lupa at Marstalsgade 8: Lupa is the sister-restaurant to Ark, that is also featured on this list. Lupa is a tad more casual, with a 5-course tasting menu, as well as an a la carte options. Everything is 100% plant-based however, which is so nice. We got a season menu with pea sprouts, corn, riscotto with almond cheese, and an anis ice cream. Lupa focuses a lot on using seasonal produce, foraging, and avoiding food waste.

Max Burger at Gammeltorv 4: The Swedish burger chain Max just gets it. Every time I am in Copenhagen they seem to have added new vegan options to their menu. They use the LikeMeat soy substitutes, which I love, they have vegan dressing and shakes. It’s just a really guilty pleasure at this point. Although it should be noted everything a heavily wrapped and packaged (like most fast food places) unless you ask them to do otherwise.

Nicecream at Elmegade 30 / Enghave Pl. 10: It’s always a pleasure to visit Nicecream. It’s a completely vegan ice cream parlor with an amazing and ethical selection. I can strongly recommend trying their nice cream sandwiches as well.

Stefanos Pizza at Stefansgade 33: Another pizza place with great vegan options (however the entire menu is not vegan) but I have had several of their vegan pizza and they were great.

Pow Pizza at Kapelvej 5: A relatively new place that I was lucky enough to have recommended to me. A 100% vegan pizza restaurant with amazing pizza. The dough was amazing, and most importantly so was the vegan cheese. Toppings included plant-based pepperoni, potatoes, and vegan parmesan.

Ark at Nørre Farimagsgade 63: An all-plant-based top-tier fine dining experience with a large seasonal tasting menu. This vegan gourmet experience is absolutely beautiful and of mind-blowing quality.

Nihao Yao at Rantzausgade 52: A small familiy resturant that specialised in Taiwanese streetfood, there are plenty of vegan options including dumplings, vegan duck, noodle and rice dishes, as well as guaboa, soups, crispy tofu.

Din Nye Ven at Sankt Peders Stræde 34 A: I cozy bar and bistro that have 3 types of vegan smørrebrød, as well as other dishes and sides that can be made vegan – the smørrebrød is the star of this place though

Bark at Ørestads Blvd. 114 – 118: The restaurant is connected to Crowne Plaza, a sustainable hotel that I have used quite a few times. The last time I was there I checked out their menu and turns out they had a vegan burger. I’ve seen very few vegan burgers in a brioche bun, so I was very pleased. It had pumpkin chutney, barbeque, and pulled oumph bits.

GRØD at kl tv 50 Jægersborggade: After I’ve been recommended Grød by so many people I finally went. I had their breakfast spirulina bowl and it was amazing. Not all their dishes are vegan, but lots of them are and it does not cost extra to veganise the remaining dishes. Thumps from here.

VeVe at Dampfærgevej 7: A Michelin-recognized restaurant with a seasonal tasting menu, and wine or juice pairings. The food is all vegetarian and can be made vegan upon request, an absolute must-try if you have the option.

Wagamama at Tietgensgade 20: an international restaurant chain, with one spot in Denmark. They have several vegan options, both starters, and mains that include noodles, soups, and rice dishes.

Flavour Bastards at Ravnsborggade 12D: I new place that has popped up near on Nørrebro is Flavour Bastards. It is a completely vegan place that offers burgers, waffles, toast, and bowls. it was super delicious and the atmosphere was so cozy and cool.

DEJ at Halmtorvet 27E: Not 100% vegan, but has vegan options, including vegan cheese and chorizo. They have 3-4 different vegan pizzas to choose from and definitely worth a visit.

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