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Hello everybody! I just came back home from a few days in Brussels, and even though I did get to visit all of the amazing vegan places I did get a chance to eat in a few restaurants. Sooo, here we are, these are some places that I really think you should try out.

L’ALCHIMISTE: at 59 rue de savoie, 1060 saint-gilles- A café that has different sandwich options and vegan pastries. I had breakfast there and their croissants are amazing. The atmosphere is super cute and the staff is really nice. I fell in love with vegan pain au chocolate here.

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VEGANWAF’: at Galerie Agora 48. When in Belgium you have to get a waffle, fact. Most waffles are made with butter, eggs, and milk, but I managed to find a 100% plant-based waffle stand, and it did not disappoint. They had tons of toppings as well, including chocolate, ice cream, and nuts, but I got it plain and in my own cloth to avoid plastic.

LIU LIN: at Rue Haute 20. A 100% restaurant that serves a variety of dishes from different Asian cuisines, including Taiwanese, Vietnamese and Japanese soups, starters, salads, and dumplings. I got a noodle soup from Taiwanese spices and dumplings.

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THE BARN: at Place Saint-Pierre 38. Not a restaurant but food-related and definitely worth a visit. A bulk store that had dried goods, bread, oils, veg, fruit and nut all without plastic.

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Lil Bao: located at Rue des Alexiens 71, serves bao, dim sum, and a variation of other small dishes. The food was tasty and this spot is 100% plantbased.

Pompidop: located at Rue des Bouchers 30 interprets Indian street food with other world cuisines in a tasty serving of healthy toppings and fillings for the dough drops. The restaurant is completely plantbased. I got the Asian Fusion toppings and was informed that all combinations have been designed to have balanced nutritional value. Super flavour and fun to eat.  

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