Vegan Food Guide // Copenhagen

Madeinitaly at Holberggade 22: An al vegan Italian restaurant which some of Copenhagen’s best pizza. Last time I was there I indulged in their pasta as well, and I cannot recommend them enough. They also have a vegan cheese platter, that tastes amazing and gorgeous ravioli.

Bip Bip Bar at Fælledvej 7: Not a restaurant per se. But they have an amazing selection of vegan drinks that would usually involve milk and I was so excited to see that. So just wanted to put that out there. Plus it’s a bar with drinks and retro arcade games, so I was hella down.

Cafe Kaf at Birkegade 21: A tiny cute little cafe that has a 100% vegan menu. They offer a wide selection of cakes and pastries, all of which are incredibly delicious. I can personally recommend their croissants and raspberry mouse cake.

Den Okologiske Polsemand at Kobmagergade (at Skindergade): A place I always seem to trust if I am looking for a quick lunch/snack. It’s a hotdog stand that offers a vegan hotdog and it’s really delicious and does the job.

Gao Dumpling Bar at Blågårdsgade 3: Another favorite of mine, although it’s not a 100% vegan place. But they make some of the best spinach and mushroom dumpling I’ve had in Denmark. So props to them.

Max Burger at Gammeltorv 4: The Swedish burger chain Max just gets it. Every time I am in Copenhagen they seem to have added new vegan options to their menu. They use the LikeMeat soy substitutes, which I love, they have vegan dressing and shakes. It’s just a really guilty pleasure at this point. Although it should be noted everything a heavily wrapped and packaged (like most fast food places) unless you ask them to do otherwise.

Nicecream at Elmegade 30 / Enghave Pl. 10: It’s always a pleasure to visit Nicecream. It’s a completely vegan ice cream parlor with an amazing and ethical selection. I can strongly recommend trying their nice cream sandwiches as well.

Stefanos Pizza at Stefansgade 33: Another pizza place with great vegan options (however the entire menu is not vegan) but I have had several of their vegan pizza and they were great.

Pow Pizza at Kapelvej 5: A relatively new place which I was lucky enough to have recommended to me. A 100% vegan pizza resturant with amazing pizza. The dough was amazing, and most importantly so was the vegan cheese. Toppings included plant-based pepperoni, potatoes, and vegan parmesan.

Souls at Store Kannikestræde 19 / Nørre Farimagsgade 63: Souls have amazing and rather intricate dishes, it’s a really forward-thinking restaurant, with two locations in Copenhagen (Evelina @earthwanderess and I learned that the hard way), but definitely worth a visit. I can both recommend their burgers, as well as their open sandwiches.

Sunday Munday at Frederiksborggade 50: Another relatively new dessert place, that I only have praise for. They make vegan ice creams and bubbles waffles with all kinds of toppings, including vegan chocolate spreads and whipped cream. It’s all plant-based and I am going back next time I am in the city for sure.

Veggie Heroes at Blegdamsvej 106: Okay this is probably my all-time favorite place to eat, if not in the world, then definitely in Denmark. It’s located a bit remotely but I promise it’s worth the walk. Veggie Heroes is a vegan Chinese buffet based restaurant which offers all the dishes that are typically found in a Chinese buffet, but veganised (and not in the sense that they now taste and look extremely healthy or different. I swear this food would fool anyone)

Chao Viet Kitchen at Kattesundet 8: They have a separate vegan menu with crispy tofu dishes, coconut green curry, and deep-fried portobellos. The food is super fresh and delicious.

Bark at Ørestads Blvd. 114 – 118: The restaurant which is connected to Crowne Plaza, a sustainable hotel which I have used quite a few times. Last time I was there I checked out their menu and turns out they had a vegan burger. I’ve seen very few vegan burgers in a brioche bun, so I was very pleased. It had pumpkin chutney, barbeque and pulled oumph bits.

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