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Hello everybody! After a looooong travel break, it is once again time for a food guide, this time, to Helsinki. I was invited to go by MyHelsinki, and boy did they have lots of vegan options. You can also check out my travel video to see what else, besides eating, I was up to.

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At Kakkupalvelu Pala


  • Onam: A Vietnamese place with several vegan options, including fried rice, crispy tofu, pho, udon noodles, and salads, located in the Forum mall:
  • Restaurant Grön: a Michelin star restaurant that has a vegan 5-7 course menu using local and seasonal produce and will give you plant-based food as you have never seen before, definitely worth it
  • Kakkupalvelu Pala: A 100% vegan bakery that serves pastries, cakes and buns
  • Hills Dumplings: vegan options are available as vegan dumplings, bao, burgers, and curry

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  • Kippo: a healthy eating place with vegan sandwiches, bowls, juices, and smoothies, and 100% vegan
  • Yes Yes Yes: is among the 50 most romantic restaurants in the world, most of their menu is vegan or can be made vegan
  • Green Hippo Cafe: has tons of vegan options, including a brunch, I have also been recommended their avocado pasta
At Onam

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  • Pikku vallila: A cozy cafe with vegan options, drinks, and a great atmosphere
  • Junk Y Vegan: This is another vegan junk food chain from Helsinki, with both burgers, finger food, tacos, and more
  • Round Cafe: Offers vegan donuts, enough said

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  • Magu: a plant-based gourmet restaurant that bases its menu on seasonally available greens and mushrooms
  • Lonna: Restaurant located on the island of Lonna outside of mainland Helsinki, the restaurant offers a vegan menu upon request and a few days notice restaurant
  • Nolla: “Nolla” means “zero” in Finnish, and Nolla is the first, and at this point, the only zero-waste restaurant in Scandinavia.

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  • Moomin café: The cafe themed with the Finnish iconic franchise Moomin is definitely worth a visit, if nothing else, then for the cute designs and interior
  • Bun2Bun: A vegan burger chain that can satisfy all our junk food cravings
  • Silvoplee: Is a primarily vegetarian restaurant but has lots of vegan options, and here you’re paying for your food by weight to combat food waste
  • Relove: this second-hand shop also has a small café where you can buy juices, vegan cupcakes and sandwiches
At Relove

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