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Hello everybody! I spent a week in London, and I was so happy to be back – I haven’t been since 2017, and I missed it so much. Of course, I went through tons of food experiences, and I would love to share them with you. Shout out to the Happy Cow app that I always use for recommendations when I travel. Anyway, this was what I ate, hopefully, you can use these recommendations if you’re based in, or traveling to, London as well.

Pastan (12-14 St John St, Barbican, London):

Pastan makes all plant-based handcrafted pasta, I went there and got the vegan carbonara as well as the tiramisu. However, I was so sad that I didn’t have a kitchen on this trip because it was also possible to buy unboiled fresh vegan pasta and cook it at home. Both the pasta dishes and the desserts are absolutely amazing, and actually, this was one of my favorite eating experiences.

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Wulf and Lamb (243 Pavilion Rd, London):

I went to Wulf and Lamb (one of their locations, they have two) and got breakfast two days in a row, the same thing even, it was so good. I got the vegan muffin scramble with cheese sauce and chives and it was absolutely amazing. The rest of their menu also looked great, but I have only had the pleasure of trying their brunch items.


Tofu Vegan (105 Upper St, London):

Tofu Vegan serves a wide range of Chinese dishes with imitation meats, tofu, and mushroom. I went with my friend, and we got to try some different things. I am always a sucker for dumplings, but I can also really recommend this vegan chili “chicken”, also, we got to taste a vegan seafood dish and it tasted so much like fish, and had the consistency of fish as well, if I didn’t know that everything was vegan, I would not have believed it wasn’t fish.

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Mildred’s (79 St Martin’s Ln, London)

Mildred’s is a classic, they have several locations in London, and you know the quality is always amazing. They have dishes from many different cuisines and usually, I’ll always go for a burger, but at that point, my body was just craving some whole veggies, so I got a coconut curry with sweet potato and green beans, which truly hit the spot.

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Lola’s Cupcakes (many locations):

I saw Lola’s so many places in London, the ones I went to were on Victoria Station, and in Covent Garden (yes I went multiple times because it was that nice). I was just thrilled to have a vegan cupcake with actual frosting. I got the one with raspberry/lemon (and later a red velvet one as well), a huge recommendation, and very affordable as a quick and fun snack.

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Gauthier Soho (21 Romilly St, London):

Now, this was by far the biggest splurge on the trip, and I don’t regret it for a second. I went to Gauthier, which is an all plant-based fine dining experience, I got the smaller menu of 7 courses and a wine pairing, and I was stuffed. All the dishes were stunning, amazingly executed, and beautifully prepared. This was absolutely a wonderful experience, and I wouldn’t mind starting to save up now to go again. My favorite dishes were a ravioli with truffle (not found by animals), fried leek with hazelnut filling, which I did expect to be as good as it was, a chocolate dessert, and the avocado tarte. It was all amazing though, they get a standing ovation from me.

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Vegan Planet (11 Parkway, London):

It says everything that I went to Vegan Planet twice while I stayed in London. The first time for a quick small meal, I just got 5 dumplings, and the second time to explore more of their vegan dim sum menu. This was amazing, perfectly spicy, and overall a really solid place to eat. I highly recommend it.

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Ampersand Hotel (10 Harrington Rd, South Kensington, London):

Every time I have been to London, I have wanted to try afternoon tea, and I have never done it. This time, I decided it was the day for it, so I booked a vegan afternoon science tea experience at The Ampersand Hotel (it is 5 minutes from the museum of natural history, hence the science theme I assume). This was such a fun and interactive experience. It might also have been for kids, I don’t know, but I sure had a lot of fun. The sweets were absolutely amazing, there was a macaron, a chocolate cake, and a raspberry mouse, shaped like Saturn, which the staff poured liquid nitrogen on before serving. The savory snacks were alright, not the most exciting, but they did do the trick. I would have loved some more dressings with the hot dog (however there were free refills of the two bottom layers, so I was plenty full)

Neat Burger (36 Buckingham Palace Rd):

Neat Burger also has several locations in London, and wow this is such a treat. I love a good plant-based fast food moment and this did not disappoint, I had both their vegan chicken burger and their smash burger, both stunning. Their nuggets are also super tasty and they have a huge selection of sauces and dips. Overall, just love this place for a quick bite.

Purezza (45-47 Parkway, London):

If you’re looking for a vegan and way above-average pizza experience, look no further than Purezza. Wow do they know how to make pizza. They actually have locations in many places in the UK, so check them out if you’re nearby. I got to try their dough balls with garlic sauce (amazing), their meatballs pizza, and their carbonara pizza, it is a really tasty spin of some (nn-italian) classics and I can only recommend that you try them yourself.

Wave (11 Dispensary Ln, London):

If there are vegan croissants present, I am down to party – and I got a lot more than just a croissant at Wave. This was my breakfast on my first morning in London, and it was so extra. The pancakes had a serving of ice cream on top and vegan bacon bits that (if everything wasn’t vegan, I would have been really sus about, because they tasted so much like meat it was wild). I also got an egg scramble and vegan hollandaise, which was so creamy and tasty. Also a big shoutout to their hot peanut butter cocoa, I am so making that at home from now on.

Greggs (everywhere lol):   

Now obviously, I couldn’t leave the UK without trying a Greggs vegan sausage roll, and I am sold. I got mine steaming hot and it was so good (I got another one the next day that was almost cold and that wasn’t as good), I also tried some of their other vegan treats, but the sausage roll was definitely my favorite out of all of them. I had one as a quick breakfast on a day when I was super busy, and it was delightful.


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